Road Signs


Road signs are always to be followed. There are certain road signs which can be seen every day while you are driving on the roads. Knowing and acknowledging the road signs are very important. When a person is driving a vehicle, understanding the road signs and acting accordingly is very important. Road signs are almost same for all the countries but there are certain road sign which are specific to the country you are residing in.

Few basic road signs are:


When you are faced with a Stop sign, you must stop your vehicle at the stop line or, where there is no stop line, as near as practicable to but before entering the intersection.


Speed limit signs have a distinctive red circle with a black number indicating the speed limit in kilometres per hour. Different speed limits and where they apply are described.


Normal or illuminated signs may indicate that either right or left turns are prohibited. These apply when the sign is illuminated, or during the time stated on the sign, or at all times if no time is shown.


These signs warn you that you are approaching an unexpected, hazardous or unusual feature on the road ahead. They will help you to drive and ride with care – taking appropriate action when you see the signs will assist courtesy and safety on the roads.


Direction signs inform you of distances and/or directions to towns and major roads. They also direct you to services such as emergency telephones, caravan parks, and off-street parking and information bays.