Founded by S. Satya Narayan Reddy, Reddy’s driving school is touching the skies with its best possible methodologies implemented by S. Srikanth Reddy, son of S. Satya Narayan Reddy under his guidance. Srikanth Reddy being a Mechanical Engineer by qualification and Director of RMDTI. (P). LTD by profession maintains a standard and sophistication when it comes to driving institute.

Reddy’s Driving School always strives to be the best of all the schools in Hyderabad, let be in training classes, hospitality or sophistication. We maintain and look forward to implement the best strategies and ideas that can help our drivers to be better at their fronts. Our sole mission is to create safe drivers and decrease the number of road accidents that cause a lot of human and monitory losses, thus, playing a safe strategy. With a very sophisticated and professional process flow and maintenance, Reddy’s driving school strives to create a buzz which is new and fresh with safety measures on boarded first.

With trained faculties on boarded, we always look forward in creating the best out of fun. Our unique classes and separated modules have made it very easy for a beginner to pick up the course and excel. With up to date drivers and sophisticated teachers, we aim at bringing you the best while you are with us. Reddy’s Driving School offers the best driving classes for inexperienced drivers and those who are new to roads. Our training is extended for customers like ladies, old age people, students and employees (public or private sector).