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Reddy driving school is the standard school in the city of pearls since 1989 Hyderabad. We aim to revolutionize the way you learn to drive the fantastic vehicles of yours and travel round the globe. Our sole mission is to create safe drivers and decrease the number of road accidents that cause a lot of human and monitory losses, thus, playing a safe strategy.

Reddy driving school includes young, energetic and super talented drivers laid out by a mission to create safe drivers under their guidance. Our team’s ability to work relentlessly and ensure high quality service to our customers has made us the best in the city of Hyderabad.

With the huge demand of buying expensive cars and learning them, to the existence of the driving schools, the school of yesterday is a bygone now. With a very sophisticated and professional process flow and maintenance, Reddy driving school strives to create a buzz which is new and fresh with safety measures on boarded first.

If you are planning to buy an expensive vehicle with your hard earned money and would like to be safe always while you are on road, then consider us always in making you a professional and a happy driver. We aim to keep the family’s safe, the driver safe and ultimately the car safe with our advanced and sophisticated methodologies and variants.

Salient Features

Simulator Training

Simulators give students an experience just like a reality. Reddy’s driving simulator is an indoor classroom driving training simulator. The simulator of light, medium come with various options of left and right hand drive.

Highly Trained Faculty

Keeping the safety while driving in mind, we have a bunch of highly trained and well maintained faculty. With up to date drivers and sophisticated teachers, we aim at bringing you the best while you are with us.

Program for Youth and Women Driving

Today’s youth and women have now come out of the shades and touching new horizons. With such growth we have begun our initiative in creating the best programs and modules for our youth and young women drivers.

Awesome way of training

We believe in a fun way of learning and teaching. With trained faculties on boarded, we always look forward in creating the best out of fun. Our unique classes and separated modules have made it very easy for a beginner to pick up the course and excel.

Excellent Quality Monitoring System

Quality is the utmost while you are at Reddy Driving School. We always maintain our quality with excellent and superficial monitoring systems.

Safe, Clean and Sophisticated

Sophistication is our goal. We believe in having a better and a clean surrounding always with well maintained atmosphere.

Our Highlights

Reddy Driving School offers the best driving classes for inexperienced drivers and those who are new to roads. We have a varied and distinguished structure that would give a clear picture and understanding of concepts to our drivers.

Our highlights that we aim to achieve and maintain are:

Custom Lesson Plans

Customization of the lesson plans depending on the capability of a driver or an individual is our advantage. We aim at focusing the weaknesses so that an individual feels confident while attempting for a driving test.

Areas of Service

We believe in being present in areas which needs the most from us. We are present in all major areas of Hyderabad providing our elegant service and quality training. With a very suitable and convenient area of servicing, we aim at making the best drivers from our school the most we can.

Safe Driving is Our Motive

Keeping one safe while on the roads is our top priority. Not only we focus on the driving capability, we also make one fit and understanding of how important it is to be safe on the road while you are driving.

Affordable Prices

Not just we maintain the best quality; we also make it pocket friendly for our new drivers. Not just we focus on getting things better, we also focus on how comfortable a person would be while taking our sophisticated learner class. We provide you the best training all over Hyderabad in just an amount suitable for your budget.


We provide you the best car driving experience depending on the type of vehicle you are comfortable with.





Eligible candidates for Driving

We welcome all to our driving school to learn to be safe while you are on the road. With fantastic faculties on board and elegant learning, our school sets an example to all who wishes to learn driving and master it.

We welcome ladies and women of all age group to learn and excel the driving of cars. In making our country’s women independent, we are striving and excelling towards the betterment of our women’s driving skills.

Officers of all age group are welcome to our institute. Be it for a learner’s driving class or for self motivation, we are always open to people who are ready to learn and adapt to the new methodologies of driving and being on road.

If you are old enough and are planning to learn to drive, then considering our advanced and subtle driving classes would be the best for you. Teaching you with utmost care and empathy, we would help you become a master at any age.

To live your life the way you wish to be, and drive the car you want, consider driving with Reddy Driving School to learn how to be safe and precise from the start.

For the officers and the busy personnel of India, the public sector working professionals, we welcome you to our prestigious institute of learning so that you can advance the driving skills while you are busy at work serving the country.


Road signs

Road signs are always to be followed. There are certain road signs which can be seen every day while you are driving on the roads.


Being defensive on the road is important. There are certain signs which describe the defensive levels while you are parking or driving.


Refresher training is provided for all our students after taking the mandatory classes. The refresher training is required for a better output.


Defensive learning refresher is important for the students in order to keep themselves up to date and follow the rules accordingly.





Traffic Signs


Road Safety

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We Have So Many Years Experience In Doing “RTA” works. Client will be trained perfectly by an excellent trainer.

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