Refresher Learning

Refresher training is provided for all our students after taking the mandatory classes. The refresher training is required for a better output and remembrance of the learning while one is attempting for a driver’s license test.

Let’s see why refresher training is important:

  • To retain the existing talent.
  • To keep pace with the new technologies.
  • To become the beneficiaries of the current innovations.
  • To get the best out of your people.
  • To update with the latest trends.
  • To bridge the gap between a millennial and a boomer.

Periodic refreshments in training would be a good idea, but most often refresher training can be called for even before the specified period, when the need arises. Generally, it is delivered in cycles. Refresher training boosts up the self-confidence and morale of the students taking the class and is going to attempt for a driving test.

Course 2Refresher
Duration4 Hours
Course FeeRS 1000 per Partcipant
ContentsThis is condensed version of course 1 and specially designed for self driving owners