Defensive/Refresher learning is important for the students in order to keep themselves up to date and follow the rules accordingly.

What the driver will learn out of the refresher training is:

  • What attitude is and how it affects their driving
  • How to shift attitudinal gears from risky driving attitudes to positive ones.
  • How risk tolerance changes with emotional states and how to reduce risk.
  • To deal with aggression from other drivers without retaliation.
  • How to avoid being drawn into competition and confrontational situations while driving
  • How to use the Five Fundamentals:
  • Think and Look ahead
  • Anticipate Hazards
  • Keep your options Open
  • Manage the Risk
  • Control with Finesse

Major benefits out of the defensive/refresher training course would be:

  • Reduction in risky driving actions which could cause incidents
  • Avoidance of personal confrontations and Road Rage incidents
  • Reduced vehicle abuse, fuel and repair costs
  • A more tolerant outlook towards other drivers
Course PriceNumber of Persons
Defensive/Refresher Driving course full day (8 Hours)RS 15,000/-20 to 25 Persons
Defensive/Refresher Driving course Half day (4 Hours)RS 10,500/-Do in hyderabad city only
Drivers assessment / Audit full dayRS 1500/- per headMaximum 10 persons